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Every window tells a story:


Change the story behind the window!


Every window tells a story about nature, about happiness, about thoughts, about the joy of being a kid, about the pleasure of taking a trip, about a moment of relaxation on a busy day.

We like to think windows are the gateways to other worlds. And what we like the most is the fact that we are the ones building these gateways for you.

What story does your window tell?


Ten years ago, we entered the PVC joinery market providing our customers production and installation services for windows and doors. Since 2008, we promised to deliver “the perfect window”. With every new order, we focused on our customers’ needs, raising production and assembling standards to a higher level which allowed us to vary our portfolio and expand Izoterma nationwide.

The PVC joinery is manufactured in our own production plant and, due to sharp exigence and high-quality products & services, we became an exclusive VEKA partner.

Our portfolio features hundreds of houses, villas, residential compounds, production plants and apartments, all of these equipped with high quality PVC joinery.

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